There are a number of great places to eat near to Corrie House, A new Cafe / Bistro is opening at the Marina below the house, replacing the Lord of the Isles Pub, which is currently closed, or for a fine dining experience the Loch Melfort Hotel is a five minute car journey away. Further afield, The Galley of Lorne Hotel, the Crinan Hotel, The Kilmartin Hotel, The Gunpowder Bar, and the Tayvallich Inn all offer good quality evening dining.

Many of these establishments vary their opening times depending on the season, so we also provide guests with the option of high quality in-house dining, on selected evenings in the main season, and every evening in February and March. Generally we will, as a minimum, provide the option of dining in-house on the days that it isn't available within a reasonable distance of the house, so that guests always have a local dining option. Our current menu is posted below. In addition, in February and March, we also provide a complimentary shuttle to the Loch Melfort Hotel for guests who would like to dine there.

Being small, and because we buy and cook everything fresh, we do ask guests wishing to dine with us, to choose their dishes in advance of their stay.